here's a key to the programs you'll find below:



Java these programs require that you have either the JRE 1.1 or JDK 1.1 from Sun Software here . The JRE will allow you to simply run the code whereas the JDK will contain both the executer and compiler and could be overkill.
Quick basic a lot of these programs were written for a computer class I taught. I have modified them and made other enhancements and compiled them into DOS .exe files.

here are a lot of the programs I have written



The Quizzer (for Java) here's a program I wrote for the Java Quest contest. It allows students to make up quizzes they can give themselves to help learn material better. It also allows teachers to make up quizzes which can then be printed up and given to students. An answer sheet can also be generated for the quiz.


Mine Field here's a game I originally wrote to help some of my students with Basic programming. I adopted this version with several other attractions and am putting it up here as a .zip file (see Winzip for help in expanding this).
Poker bet on poker hands with real money or just wins and losses.
Card Sharks just like the original game. Your object is to bet whether the next card from the one showing will be smaller or larger. You can also swap the card with the one at the beggining of each list (once).
Chemistry Helper calculates Molar Mass and displays all of the elements in the Periodic Table. I wrote this for my Chemistry class in college.
Halloween 97 a simple demo program for Halloween.
Christmas Demo another demo for the holiday season.

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