Welcome To My Java Page!

The following represents software I have either developed/implemented in my own free time, or applications I have helped develop or develop/implement at my present job at BrandMatrixTM.


Online Applets

Crazy 8's
Black Jack (Twenty-one)
Political Invaders 96
Polygon Rotation Demo
The Jigsaw Player 1.0


Applications On The Web

The Class Creation Utility
Guestbook Application


Applications developed and/or implemented for BrandMatrixTM

Occasion Reminders
B2C/B E-Commerce Product Catalog Maintenance Tools
Templated Website Maintenance Tools
Templated Website Display Service

Java Resources

http://www.javasoft.com All things Java - Sun's main Java website
http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Bridge/8617/jad.html - Java Decompiler (really nice one written in C++)
http://www.jars.com - Very nice place to get the latest/greatest Java applets/applications
http://www.servlets.com - Java servlets (server side applications) digest (maintained by Jason Hunter - has book "JAVA Servlet Programming" which is EXTREMELY good!)


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